Meet the Family

Reign in Life is a family-run ministry. 


Clare trained at the Rhema Bible Training Centre in Aylesbury. She was ordained into ministry by Pastor Wendy Preston of Faith Alive Church.

Clare was saved in the Salvation Army, water baptised in the Baptist church and filled with the Holy Spirit in the Elim Pentecostal church. She has also attended C of E and evangelical churches as well as the Word of Faith. As a result Clare has a rich and varied spiritual heritage and also has a good understanding of many of the challenges that face Christians today. 




Hannah is Clare and Doug's daughter. 

Hannah carries the vision of God's Apostolic church and her prophetic gift helps to guide Reign in Life into the pattern the Lord has laid down for us.


She does a lot of work behind the scenes with admin, marketing, social media, website design and audio recording. 

As a mum of two she is passionate about children experiencing God's love and understanding the gospel . Hannah leads the children's work at Reign in Life. 

Apostle and Prophet



Reuben is Clare and Doug's son. 

He is a gifted musician who leads worship. He has revelatory insight into spiritual truths with a unique way of sharing and teaching, encouraging others to meditate on the word of God. 




Doug is Clare's husband and also has a rich and varied church background. He has studied the bible for himself and is passionate about showing believers the difference between living under law and living under grace. He helps people to rightly divide the scriptures. 

He also fulfills a pastoral role, especially in encouraging and supporting the men that are part of our Reign in Life family. 

Pastor and Teacher



Martin is Hannah's husband. Martin comes from a line of ministers as his mum is a lay preacher and his great-grandfather was a vicar. 

Martin pastors the young men and the children. He is in charge of the functional side of our meetings ensuring that everything runs smoothly. 



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