Church in Yarnfield


Coronavirus Update

We are open and able to meet in person, but in order to comply with government guidelines, things are running a little bit differently at the moment. 


If you would like to join our church family, please contact us to arrange an introduction and from there we will match you to a house group. 

The Way We 'Do Church'

Our church groups are kept small with up to around 20 people in a group. We follow a structure, however our meetings tend to have a more informal feel to them because everyone is encouraged to take part in the meeting. We encourage people to ask questions, share testimonies, share what God has been teaching them during week, bring a piece of scripture to encourage us and for those who are creative, share a song, dance or piece of art. There is never any pressure to participate and people are welcome to just come along and receive. 


For us church is all about family and that means everyone is important and valuable, from the youngest to the oldest. We aim to provide a sense of family within our groups so that people have a safe environment where they can learn, grow and and develop a sense of self-worth and belonging.  


When we meet together, we take communion, pray, sing, worship and receive bible teaching. 

We also hold social events throughout the year. 


Meeting Times

Due to the nature of meeting in small groups in people's homes, our meeting days and times are subject to change from time to time in order to accommodate the needs of those who attend. We often work around work shifts and family commitments so that church is more accessible to those who want to attend.

Children in Church

Children of all ages are welcome. We believe that children are very much part of the church family and are encouraged to contribute to meetings if they would like to. We are really flexible and so we respond to the needs of those who are with us. We encourage children to stay in the meetings and be part of what is going on, however we a have provided separate children's classes when required. We always respond to the needs of whoever is attending our meetings and tailor things to suit. 

Apostolic Gatherings

Periodically we will hold larger meetings where people come together from across our church groups. This gives people opportunity to meet up with the wider church family, to enjoy worship on a larger corporate scale and to hear biblical teaching and prophetic direction from our Apostolic team. 

Coming to Church

If you would like to come along to our Church in Yarnfield, please get in touch with us. During this time of social distancing, we are still here for you if you would like to join our fellowship. Please get in touch and we will find the best way to support you while in-keeping with government guidelines.