Yarnfield House Church

House Church Meetings

Day: This Sunday

Time: 7pm

Place: High Winds, Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield, Stone, ST15 0NF

How to Find Us:

Our drive is opposite the road called 'The Furlong'. Once you are on our property, walk down to the second entrance on the right. 

What is House Church?

For us church is all about family. It's about building meaningful relationships, supporting one another, and using your God-given gifts to encourage others. It's about finding your place in the body of Christ. When we understand and experience life as part of a family, we are able to understand  and experience God's love for us in a deeper and more intimate way. This can only be done effectively in small groups of up to around 20 people. Each House Church is led by one of our pastors who have been trained by Reign in Life Ministries. 

At House Church each person is valued and has opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the meetings regardless of how young or old they are. When we meet together we take communion, worship, pray and hear the word of God preached.

Our meetings are Holy Spirit led, with a strong emphasis on the word of God and righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ. We are a Pentecostal, charismatic ministry and take a modern approach to worship. 

Meeting Times

Due to the nature of meeting in small groups in people's homes, our meeting days and times are subject to change from time to time in order to accommodate the needs of our members. Please check at the top of the page for our current meeting details. 

Children in Church

Children of all ages are welcome at House Church. We believe that children are very much part of the church family and are encouraged to contribute to meetings if they would like to. We provide Sunday School classes and meetings for the children as required. We always respond to the needs of whoever is attending our meetings and tailor things to suit. 

Apostolic Gatherings

Periodically we will hold larger meetings where people come together from across our House Church groups. This gives people opportunity to meet up with the wider church family, to enjoy worship on a larger corporate scale and to hear biblical teaching and prophetic direction from our Apostolic team. 

Coming to House Church

If you would like to come along to our House Church in Yarnfield, please see our meeting times at the top of this page and come along. We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your spiritual journey. 

© 2016 -19 Hannah Hall on behalf of Reign in Life Ministries

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