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Here are some of the latest sermons. 

26-Jan-2020 Why different descriptions a
2-Feb-2020 Unknown Title
9-Feb-2020 Two Kings - David and

2020 - Humbled 

5-Jan-2020 Message for 2020 Humility
12-Jan-2020 Verse for 2020 pt2
19-Jan-2020 Verse for 2020 pt3
9-Feb-2020 Two Kings - David and Jehu (1
5-April-2020 Palm Sunday
19-April-2020 How to live in the end tim
03-May-2020 How to handle discouragement
10-May-2020 How to handle discouragement


6-Oct-2019 Ezra 1
20-Oct-2019 Ezra part 2
17-Nov-2019 Ezra 3
24-Nov-2019 Ezra 4
1-Dec-2019 Ezra 5
8-Dec-2019 How many laws are mentioned i