How Do You See Yourself?

Spring is an exciting time of year. The cold weather comes to an end and the promise of summer can be seen all around. Have you ever walked round an English garden and seen those first green shoots emerging from the soil? What do you see? A little green stem? Or do you excitedly see that vibrant tulip or glorious daffodil in your mind’s eye?

A shoot is small and insignificant compared to the rest of the garden and yet we get so excited because we don’t see the green shoot, we see the beautiful flower that is to come. Did you know, that is how God looks at us? He doesn’t see our short-comings, failures or insignificance. In fact, you will never hear God say to you that you are a nobody, you are worthless, you are small or insignificant, you are just another fish in the sea. No, never my friend! Because to God you are the most wonderful, beautiful, valuable treasure on this earth. In fact, you are so significant to God that He sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross to pay the price for your sin.

He has removed your guilt and shame and through the power of Christ’s resurrection has made you perfect. You now have access to the throne room of God as Christ’s spotless bride. As a child of God you have access to Christ’s abundant life – His health, provision, joy, peace and comfort. All we have to do is receive this free gift of salvation.

So no matter how you feel about yourself right now, take comfort in the fact that God sees you differently. He sees the boldness, love, strength, kindness and glory that He has placed on the inside of you. So instead of looking at yourself in a mirror, look at yourself through the eyes of Jesus, and you will quickly grow from that little shoot into the glorious plant that God created you to be.

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