Hearing the Word of God

The Bible tells us that when we hear the word of God and believe it, we begin to see it happen in our lives. When we become children of God through receiving the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus, we are given everything for life and godliness. We’ve been made in God’s image, and grow into the likeness of Him here on earth.

What does that likeness look like? We are strong, healthy, beautiful and prosperous, full of love and compassion, powerful and victorious. But Peter explains that we only see the fullness of this as we grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Mark 4:20 explains the parable of the sower, saying that there are people who hear and believe the word of God and bear the fruit of it. However, some see 30-fold increase, some 60 and some 100.

Therefore of those who believe the word, some people see the fullness of the promises of God in their lives and others see a partial fulfilment. Why is this?

Mark 4:24-25 explains. We must be careful WHAT we listen to, and HOW we listen, and HOW MUCH we listen. The more we listen to the truth in the word of God, the more of it we will see in our lives. We do not have to strive to see God’s promises, but only keep listening, and believing what we hear. The more we hear, the more will be given to us, and there is no limit. If you think you’ve received as much as God has to give, think bigger. He’s able to do abundantly more than we can ask or think.

However, he that doesn’t have, even what he has will be removed. Not by God, it is the devil who steals, kills and destroys. Jesus has come that we might have the abundant life. The devil is able to take away the little that someone has received from God if they do not continue to hear the truth about who Jesus is and who they are in Him.

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