Training and Conferences

We run training days and conferences at our head office throughout the year. We can also come to your church or ministry to run training sessions for your leaders and/or congregation. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

Rivers of Living Water

A time of refreshing as we come to Jesus, are filled up with the Holy Spirit and are equipped to overflow to those around us. The teaching for this conference is based on John 7. 

The Watered Garden

Explore the beautiful garden described in the Song of Songs chapter 4. Discover the smells and significance of each plant as the sacrifice of Jesus is revealed in all His glory. Let Him woo you as He lavishes His love upon you. This memorable conference is a feast for the senses. 

Holy Spirit, Who Are You?

Join the quest to get to know the third person of the trinity like you have never known Him before. 

Uncover the true meaning of Wisdom. What is this principal thing that we must desire above all else? Who are the Seven Spirits of God? How does the Holy Spirit lead us in corporate worship? And what about the gifts of the Spirit? 

Get ready for a thought provoking time that will challenge everything you thought you knew about Wisdom. This conference will transform the structure of your church services and encourage every believer to be an active participant. 


God's Knitting Pattern

When we are born again we are born into a family. Join us for this ground-breaking training day to learn the vital mechanics of life in the body of Christ. Each person has an important part to play from the five-fold ministers to the newborns. Discover your part in God’s family as we delve deeper into His love. This conference is teamwork training at its best.


Marriage and Ministry

What is more important – marriage or ministry? What is the purpose of family? Am I ready for ministry? 
Can I be a minister and have a family? Find out the answers as Christ’s relationship with His bride – the church- is revealed. Discover the importance of family and where family fits in the life of the church.  This conference is a must for all those who are called into ministry, whether you are a pastor, evangelist, teacher, prophet or apostle. 


Juggling Life - Men's Conference

A man has a lot to juggle. How do you strike a successful balance between family, work and church? What is a man’s mission and purpose in life? Discover how an intimate relationship with Jesus is the answer to all of life’s demands.